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Quotes by Linkin Park’s Chester Bennington

Chester Bennington (March 20, 1976 – July 20, 2017) was a singer and songwriter best known as the frontman for the rock band Linkin Park. Bennington first gained prominence as a vocalist following the release of Linkin Park’s debut album, Hybrid Theory, in 2000, which became a commercial success. The album was certified Diamond by the Recording Industry Association of America in 2005, making it the best-selling debut album of the decade, as well as one of the few albums to ever hit that many sales.

On July 20, 2017, Bennington was found dead in his home in Palos Verdes Estates, California from apparent suicide by hanging.

Remembering Chester Bennington with some of his quotes and lyrics.

“I have been able to tap into all the negative things that can happen to me throughout my life by numbing myself to the pain so to speak and kind of being able to vent it through my music.”


“I had no idea I’d been such a nightmare. I knew that I had a drinking and drug problem, and that parts of my personal life were crazy, but I didn’t realize how much of that was affecting the people around me until I got a good dose of ‘here’s-what-you’re-really like.’”


“If my armor breaks, I’ll fuse it back together.”


“The hardest part of ending is starting again.”


“When I’m writing, I’m constantly thinking about myself, because it’s the only experience I have to draw on. And I don’t see an exact reflection of myself in every face in the audience, but I know that my songs have validity to them, and that’s why the fans are there.”


I’m strong on the surface, not all the way through. I’ve never been perfect, but neither have you.”

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