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Quotes by Nathalie Emmanuel

Nathalie Emmanuel (born 2 March 1989) began her on-screen career by starring as Sasha Valentine in soap opera Hollyoaks, after which she appeared in various British television series until her debut film appearance in Twenty8k. Nathalie gained public recognition by starring as Missandei in the fantasy series Game of Thrones, before achieving international fame with supporting roles in action films Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials (2015), Furious 7(2015), and The Fate of the Furious (2017).

Celebrating Nathalie Emmanuel with some of her quotes and sayings:

“At the end of the day, the nudity is down to the individual actor or actress. If they feel comfortable and it’s done in a way that they feel comfortable doing, then who am I to say anything? ”

“If I have got a feeling or emotion, I just express it as it comes. I am not good at filtering!”

“There are people that literally go on social media just to upset people. But at the same time, there are ten times more people that say wonderful things.’”

“It’s good to see a strong female friendship because people are so quick to put women against each other.”

“I refuse to sign nude photos. For me, it feels a little gratuitous because I’m not a glamour model. I was telling a story rather than trying to sexualise myself. People only associate nudity with sex, and it makes me uncomfortable that someone has a picture of me nude.”

“I’m comfortable with my own nudity, but we all have body hang-ups and I’m no exception to that. Sometimes I want to cry when I’m in a bikini! But I often try to do things I’m afraid of because it takes away the fear. They’re just boobs – we see them every day.”

“Missandei-Greyworm is the one pure love story that isn’t corrupted by schemes and plots or whatever. What’s so beautiful about their relationship is that, out of their surroundings, they understand each other, because they’ve come from such horror. There’s a purity in their relationship… you know, like when you have an older couple, they’re not necessarily ripping each other’s clothes off – I mean, they might be, more to them if they are – but that sort of companionship and human intimacy, that’s definitely what they share.’

“There’s something unique  about it (Missandei-Greyworm sex scene) purely because of Grey Worm’s situation—his brutal history of being mutilated—there’s a real sense of trust here and that really plays out in this lovely scene where they physically act upon their love. For him to do that is a really big deal and Missandei knows that and doesn’t really care. She just loves him and that intimacy they’ve shared comes to a head. Missandei is always so official and straight and poised so to be vulnerable and see her human side of her, a little off balance, is kind of great and fun to play. She’s kept things very together to stay composed but this scene is the opposite of that. She’s quite clear about what she wants because she fears she’ll never have the chance to have that with him again.”

“I felt really empowered and was really proud when I watched it (Missandei-Greyworm sex scene). I was pleased that I did it and thought it was a beautiful scene. It felt very Adam-and-Eve-like, and it wasn’t about the nudity. There’s a real prudishness when it comes to nudity, but our bodies aren’t something to be ashamed of. There’s nothing indecent or bad about it. But just because I’ve done nudity on ‘GoT’ doesn’t mean I’ll do it for every job.”

“It’s really great to see the female-centric shift in Game of Thrones. A bunch of these women have existed in a world that has been against them and their interests, in a way, and then all the sudden you have these women taking control. And people constantly to push them back down again and it’s really cool to see these women taking control and also affecting change.”

“I’m so Team Daenerys. I’m kind of being loyal to her because that’s my girl, but yeah, I want to see her sit on the throne and rule the seven kingdoms and everything. I generally think that as a ruler she’s fierce enough, but she’s kind and she’s compassionate and she wants to change and to help the common folk. It’s not just about maintaining power and wealth for her, it’s about actually humanity and I think she definitely is a strong candidate. I love the fact that my character in particular would help her get there and support her in that mission.”

“Missandei is very subservient, but there’s a real voice behind her now where she has opinions and really expresses them. Whereas before Daenerys liberated her that would have probably ended up with her being killed. She’s really an intelligent woman and has seen a lot and has experienced things that people can’t even comprehend, and now she’s in a camp with Daenerys and she want to affect change for people like her. I think she’s finding her voice in that. But also, she’s learning what it means to be a human being and not an object in this free world that she’s found herself in. She’s grown so much in just asserting herself and her opinions, and her sense of self is what has evolved throughout the seasons.”

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